Work made with Humbert Deshchamps.

Project made for the Epsaa School JPO's. It's an interactive installation that attempts to showcase and critizice the need of new technologies that are used just with financial purpose.

In this case we are particularly focused in the art field. Where the mass consomption and production of contemporary art work, has started to replace the essential value that provides true artistic effort.

For the installation we assembled three cardboard planks that we painted in order to make them look as a coke dispenser.
At the same time we had to print some 3D figures in order to make them fall out of the little gap, such as a distributor.

In order to create a tactile projection, we used a Bare Conductive Touch Board that we linked to Mad Mapper. The visuals on the interface were created with After Effects, and then brought to Mad Mapper as well.